1. Enter the stream name.

2.Enter the amount that you want to charge for your live stream on the regular price tab.

3.Select the genre that you would like to utilize on the Genre tab

4.Go to featured image on the rightside of the page and set the image for the livestream.

5.Click publish in the publish box on the right side of the screen

6. Copy the stream key from Crescengo and paste it into OBS studio stream key which can be found in OBS studios file then go to OBS studios settings, click on stream, then paste the Crescengo stream key to the OBS studio stream key, select Global(RTMPS) as the server and Mux as the service, finally click apply.

7.Click on “+” icon in Sources section in OBS studio and select “Video Capture Device” from the list and select your system camera from next list. After publishing the stream.

8.Click “Start Streaming” button from Controls section from OBS studio and stream will start.

9. Now back to Crescengo, click on the permalink that is underneath the title of the livestream to watch your stream.

10.Click “Stop Streaming” button on OBS studio when stream is over.